Your Space: Community halls in a state of abandonment

The Pune Municipal Corporation has sealed off its community halls, set up for social and educational purposes, located in slums across the city following reports of its misuse. What measures should the municipal administration take to ensure that these places are used correctly? Readers share their opinions…

Appoint guards in halls

Instead of closing community halls, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) should appoint guards or make surprise visits to check for any illegal activity in these public places. These halls play an important role in the development of children living in slums and their closure could affect their educational aspirations.

Saket Kadam

Take help from NGOs

PMC should donate these halls to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who can take care of these places in addition to running programs for the benefit of slum dwellers. The city administration should find ways to involve slum dwellers in the proper use of these halls.

Arpita Yadav

Venues benefit the neighborhood

Closing rooms is not a valid option. PMC should provide security guards for these locations. Wherever abuse is found, PMC should seal it, but closing all 79 halls is not a good option. The move will impact the progress of slum children. I have seen various good activities taking place in these halls and benefiting the neighborhood.

Sunil Wagh

This shows the negligence of PMC

All of these problems occurred due to PMC’s negligence. They had not paid attention to the security and maintenance of these halls and the rejection led to these places being turned into places of illegal activities. Closing them is not an option because it would be an injustice for the children of the slums who are the beneficiaries.

Pranita Mirdhe

Organize daily activities in the rooms

Instead of sealing them, PMC should start conducting various programs in these rooms. Holding daily activities in these places leaves no room for its misuse. Halls have become an integral part of people living in slums and many people use these places for good activities. Closing them will bear no fruit for PMC.

Sunita Jagdale

Appoint premises to guard the halls

PMC should appoint guards in all community halls or appoint a few people from the same locality to guard these places. If there is security in place, no one will use it for illegal activities.

Pooja Shubhas

Keep a log of activities

PMC should stick rules and restriction notices on the doors and impose fines on people who abuse the hallways. Keep a log of the daily activities that take place in the halls to keep illegal elements at bay.

Bharat Sane

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