Why some moms tend to overprotect their children

Over the past few decades, mothers have changed the way they raise their children. Instead of allowing children to be independent, explore the world around them, and make mistakes to learn from, some mothers choose to make sure nothing bad ever happens to their children. When that happens, any emotional or physical pain that they can keep their children from feeling, they will. And in the process, children can lose the ability to do things on their own. All because some mothers overprotect their children.

When children grow up with their mother doing everything for them, they tend to be less able to do it themselves as they get older. According HealthShots, it amounts to being unable to cope with “adversity” or to adapt to new situations when they arise. As such, mothers who do everything for their children to help them have a prosperous future may instead hinder those children in adulthood.

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Here’s why some mothers tend to overprotect their children.

What Makes a Mom Overprotective

According Health Line, mothers who save their children from “physical, mental and emotional pain” are classified as overprotective mothers.

Another term for moms who go out of their way to make sure there are no bumps in the road that keep their kids from always succeeding is a helicopter mom.

While overprotective mothers are in everything their children do because they are trying to control the outcome of every situation, it is not done out of malice. Instead, according to the publication, moms want their children to succeed in everything they do. And they are ready to do everything in their power to make it happen.

Effects of Overprotective Moms on Children

Unfortunately, overprotective mothers do not help children succeed. Instead, the opposite usually happens when children are constantly exposed to overprotective mothers.

When children have overprotective mothers, they face serious problems as they age. Some of these problems, according to Berkeley Political Review to understand:

  • Risk aversion
  • Constant dependence on parents
  • Increased risk of mental disorders
  • Inability to deal well with new situations
  • Constant anxiety
  • Lack of coping skills

Being exposed to overprotective behavior day after day prevents children from being independent and learning from their mistakes. Something that is so necessary to grow and learn to succeed as children get older.

Why moms choose to be overprotective

Overprotective mothers have the mindset they have because of their view of the state of the world. A much more negative outlook than it should be, given the current state of society in the United States.

According Parenting for the BrainReasons mothers are overprotective include:

Some moms believe the world is a dangerous place: Because of the media, mothers may believe that there is more violence in the country than there really is. And to ensure the safety of their children, overprotection is essential.

There is a lack of trust in people: There is no longer the same level of trust in the community as a whole as before.

Moms are expected to be more involved than ever in children’s lives: It doesn’t matter if moms stay home, work, or somewhere in between, moms are expected to bring kids to activities, do homework, spend quality time, have meals together, and more. There aren’t enough hours in the day and mothers end up being overprotective.

Kids spend more time on technology and less time outdoors: In the past, children spent hours outdoors with their mother’s blessing. But with the shift to screen time, moms are better able to see what their kids are up to during the day. And because of that, they are more overprotective.

It is only when mothers can discuss why they are so attached to the state of the world that they can begin to move past their overprotectiveness. But until then, overprotection is where their minds will stay.

For mothers who find themselves in the position of being overprotective of their children, there are possible links between this form of parenting and mental disorders.

According psychology todaythese disorders include:

  • Moms are usually perfectionists
  • Moms suffer from anxiety disorders

Even more, according to Daily Psychic Newsmothers can also suffer from PTSD.

Overprotective mothers want the best for their children. But their methods may not be the best way to get there. So, with a little help, overprotective mothers who want to change their parenting style might just do it.

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