Where is Death in Paradise filmed? Key locations in the series

Surrounded by such magnificent landscapes, one wonders how so many people on the island of Sainte Marie can be drawn to murder.

Death in Paradise takes place on the island of Saint Mary, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. Boasting superb beaches, year-round sunshine and idyllic Catherine’s Bar, it seems like the perfect holiday spot. So, is the island real and where should you go to see filming of the hit drama?

Where is Death in Paradise filmed?

Both the island and the town where Death in Paradise takes place are fictional, but the beautiful locations you see on screen do exist. In reality, Death in Paradise is filmed across the islands of Guadeloupe, a French overseas territory located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

Guadeloupe is made up of a butterfly-shaped set of five islands. The official site of the island (opens in a new tab) shares all kinds of exciting things you can do while visiting Guadeloupe. including getting married and island hopping.

Executive producer Tim Key told Express.com, “Not only is the island one of the characters in the show and not only is the town of Deshaies one of the main characters in the show, but about 50% of our team comes from France. or Guadeloupe. Many of them are part of our family because we have known them for so long.

Does Catherine’s bar exist?

Although you won’t find Catherine herself at the helm, Catherine’s Bar isn’t just a setting. The scenes of the beloved sleuths sipping cocktails and discussing cases are shot at a seaside restaurant called “Le Madras” in Deshaies, Guadeloupe.

Like Catherine’s Bar, ‘La Madras’ serves beer, cocktails and sensational seafood. It currently has a four-star rating on Tripadvisor, and many of the reviews left on the site refer to the restaurant’s role in the hit drama.

Is Honoré’s police station a real police station?

In the real world, Honoré’s police station is not a police station but a simple building next to a church. You can visit where the exterior shots of the police station are filmed, and the neighbors of the building are more than welcoming to fans of the series.

“We get on very well with the priest, we have worked with him since the beginning,” producer Tim Key previously told What to watch.

Can you visit the inspector’s cabin?

Unfortunately, the first Inspectors beach real estate site can only be found during months of filming, and even then it is fenced off from the public beach.

The wooden shack the four detectives have now inhabited is just a set built on a public beach. It is set up for the six months of filming and is taken down for the rest of the year.

Executive producer Tim Key told Radio Times: “We had years where we kind of let the elements be, and then people were throwing parties on the weekends, like tourists throwing parties. We were like, : ‘We have to secure it a little more now!’

If you are content simply to enjoy the same sea view as the inspector, the perfect place where the hut is placed is on the beach of Anse de la Perle, five kilometers north of Deshaies.

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