When people appreciate your performance, you tend to be stereotyped

Actor Ritwik Bhowmik is on cloud nine after giving back-to-back hit shows on OTT. First ‘Bandish Bandits’ and now ‘The Whistleblower’, both have been very well received by audiences and critics. The actor shows his courage with such intense characters. But it can also create a stereotype for him in the minds of filmmakers, who might just not approach him thinking he doesn’t do the other kinds of roles.

“The stereotype of actors in Hindi cinema is a very narrow way of looking at it. I sincerely believe that it’s not just the actors if someone does something good, it’s good to be recognized and appreciated and when people appreciate your performance, you will tend to be stereotyped. For example, you like candy cane juice from a particular store, you will always go there for candy cane juice because that’s what they are famous for,” says Bhowmik.

Further explaining his perspective, the young actor says, “We stereotype people everywhere because we want to label people and it’s easier for our memories to remember people that way. So I can’t really blame people. Luckily, all the creators who came to me didn’t want to see me play the same kind of roles. They offered me different, varied roles. I was just lucky that the creators of ‘The Whistleblower’ could see the character of Dr Sanket in me and fit me into the character they envisioned so many years ago. I’m glad they thought I would fit the role. When they asked me if I wanted to take up the challenge, I gladly accepted.

“The Whistleblower” is a role that’s in a serious, pretty intense area, especially for Bhowmik. Speaking of the same, he says, “Yeah, ‘The Whistleblower’ was in a pretty intense serious area, but at the same time, there’s also a lot of relationship drama, there’s a lot of comedy, and there’s a lot more than serious stuff. It wasn’t difficult playing the character of Dr. Sanket, but it was difficult at first when I was reading the script and trying to understand the psychology of the character. Why does he think how he thinks and why does he say what he says and why does he do the things he does – all of that It took me a while to understand and believe in what he thinks and what he believes, but I think my conversation with the director was very clear and he was very clear about his demands on the character of Dr. Sanket, which really gave me a lot of confidence.

Without a doubt, this intense portrayal is one of the main reasons “The Whistleblower” has become such a talked-about show. “The response to ‘The Whistleblower’ has been absolutely fantastic. The amount of love I’ve received is very overwhelming. People are pleasantly surprised with what I’ve tried this time around and I really think it’s going giving me a lot of confidence and motivation to constantly experiment and try new things. So the response to ‘The Whistleblower’ really inspired me and really pushed me to work harder,” adds Bhowmik.

According to reports, Bhowmik has already moved on to the major leagues with him after completing a feature film. The still untitled project should be released soon. “I have already taken my first step towards what you would call the movies and which will be released soon,” Bhowmik concludes.

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