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Victoria County commissioners plan to reduce the number of polling stations in the county by four. If approved, there would be 27 polling stations in Victoria County.

“Most of the (targeted) places have a very low turnout,” Election Administrator Margetta Hill said at a Commissioners Tribunal meeting on Monday when she presented her recommendation.

Victoria County has a countywide vote, which means anyone can vote at a polling station throughout the election period. The majority of voters now vote at the Dr. Pattie Dodson Public Health Center, Hill said. In the November 2021 election, 991 voters cast ballots at the health center, while the location with the second highest number of ballots cast saw just 287 voters.

Voting day turnout for Victoria County polling stations

The table below shows the number of people who voted in each of the polling stations considered for regrouping in the regional elections of 2020 and 2021.

Polling place march 2020 july 2020 november 2020 May 2021 July 2021 November 2021
1 – Hopkins Elementary School 97 40 94 18 14 62
2 – Victoria County Courthouse 237 98 154 39 17 146
6 – Family worship center 57 30 68 23 15 30
10- Palace of Fine Arts 220 76 147 61 41 95
30 – Lutheran Church of Our Savior 136 54 110 32 26 58
31 – Tanglewood Lodge 93 45 112 30 23 55
34- Dudley Elementary School 76 21 138 17 14 58
35 – FW Gross Primary School 27 14 29 6 6 12
36 – Patty Dodson Health Center 1,278 635 939 495 357 991

Hill recommended combining constituencies 6 and 31, 10 and 30, 2 and 35, and 1 and 34. Some of the locations had as few as six people voting in the 2021 election.

“We looked at this because finding poll workers is sometimes a challenge,” Hill said. “We figured that if we combined some of the ridings that few people went to, we could get more qualified election officials in the ones that are open.”

Victoria County Republican and Democratic Party Chairs said the proposed changes were not too much of a concern to them.

“We have so many places to vote, and we have a countywide vote,” said Bill Pozzi, chairman of the Victoria County Republican Party. As long as the changes are within the city limits, which all of the proposed changes are, he said he supports the change. “You can’t consolidate Bloomington, any of these outliers, because people depend on it and they have to drive far enough.”

“In my quick review of this, I don’t see a problem with what (Hill) is proposing,” said Democratic Party Chairman Woodrow Wagner, who said he trusted Hill to be transparent and make recommendations. based on evidence and logic.

“Anything that potentially deprives voters of the right to vote, then that should merit careful consideration, analysis, but I see no potential deprivation of voters’ right to vote in this area,” he said.

Closing the polling stations could also save the county money, Hill said. It takes at least three to four election officers to run a site, which costs around $ 500 per day, she said.

Hill initially asked commissioners to consider the matter at the next Commissioners Tribunal meeting on Monday, so the new polling stations can be finalized when she sends voters their new voter registration cards in January.

However, the commissioners will not consider the matter on Monday. While supporting the change, Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller said he believed it was important not to rush the process.

“It’s something that I think the county will do a bit later, but not now,” Zeller said. He said he was not comfortable following up on the proposal at such a short time.

“I would like this to be done with a lot more notice,” he said. “Especially given the attention paid to elections and voting these days, any kind of change like this needs to be made with sufficient notice, careful discussion.” “

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