Turks in Germany tend to vote for parties that voice their concerns


The Turkish community living in Germany is closely following the federal election process, the most recent of which will be held in the country this weekend. The majority of Turks in Germany urge their fellow Turkish Germans to participate in the elections and vote for parties promoting the rights and interests of the Turkish community.

Speaking to Anadolu (AA) agency, Doğan Gündoğdu, a businessman living in Cologne, called on all those with the right to vote to support the parties closest to the Turks by going to the polls on the 26th. September, after having examined the party programs. .

Stressing that the country has entered an important period both for Germany and for Turkish foreigners living here, GündoÄŸdu said: “In order to have an important place in the elections and to run the elections, we have to participate in the elections. We must be well informed about the content and the programs of the parties. When you look at it, we have candidates of Turkish origin in almost every party. It will be very important to look at their programs and support them because they will be our voice in a way. “

Inviting everyone to the polls, Gündoğdu said: “There are high expectations for Turkish voters here. We need to look at party platforms and support those closest to us, from dual nationality issues to issues related to Turkey.

Levent TaÅŸkıran, President of the Association of Turkish Universities (Turk-Unid), also said: “I recommend everyone to vote in the German elections. The right to vote is an important democratic requirement here. I recommend voting for parties close to the Turks. , especially as people of Turkish descent. In particular, it is necessary to highlight the political parties that can solve our problems. “

“In recent years, there was anti-Turkish sentiment in political parties. Now, as a result of the refugee crisis, I think Germany and the European Union are trying to sort out their relations with Turkey. However, we observe that there are anti-Turkey groups within every political party, ”he added.

Concerns have grown about a possible spike in migrants from Afghanistan due to the United States’ withdrawal from the country after two decades.

Ankara has made it clear that it will not bear the burden of the migration crises experienced as a result of decisions by third countries.

President Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan urged European countries to take responsibility for any new wave of migrants, warning that Turkey does not intend to become “Europe’s migrant storage unit”.

The EU intends to strengthen its cooperation with Turkey on issues of irregular migration and border security, the head of the EU delegation to Turkey, Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, said last week.

Åžakir Toprak, owner of a restaurant in Cologne, said: “We have been operating here for years and were very satisfied with the administration of (Prime Minister Angela) Merkel. Merkel was a good politician and did good things for her country, I wish she hadn’t left. I don’t want to talk about other politicians yet, but I was a Merkel supporter. The new arrivals will hopefully fill Merkel’s void, be sensitive to foreigners, and support traders and their grievances. “

Mehmet Baynaz, who wants new politicians to come on the scene, said: “We want new people to have a chance. So new ideas can emerge, and some things can change. For example, it is possible to work on racial division. For example, in Germany, some segments do not like other segments. As far as I know, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) is in the lead, but we have to wait for the election result to determine the outcome.

Suha Ardaniç, who owns a gift shop in Cologne’s Weidengasse district, said: “When it comes time for elections, people representing these parties traditionally invite our Turkish Muslim politician friends to their parties just for the show. They capture the potential to get votes. through them. In the meantime, they promise extremely liberal and moderate policies. After taking the lead, they don’t give those three or five of our friends anything to say and they don’t have the opportunity to change anything.

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