The City will demolish two community halls


The city is getting rid of two aging and underutilized community halls this year and has put another on notice.

City councilors, at a Committee of the Whole meeting this week, backed plans to demolish Helen Avenue Hall in Princess Ann Park in Eagle Place and Tranquility Hall on Francis Street. Their decision is expected to be approved at a city council meeting on April 24. If approved, both halls would be demolished this year.

Once used by Brantford Bisons alumni, Helen Avenue Hall is a frequent target of vandalism, including a recent arson fire, councilors said. Damage from the fire resulted in air quality issues and the building also requires repairs to windows, doors, structure, and heating and ventilation system.

The Parks and Recreation Department advises against costly repairs. The demolition is expected to cost around $ 15,000.

The room is now used by the Lapidary Club, which has been briefed on city maps and offered nearby locations to use, councilors said.

Com. Rick Weaver noted that the room is a water source for a community garden in Princess Ann Park. He was told that the staff will find a way to ensure that water is available for the garden.

Tranquility Hall has been used by many organizations over the years, but it is now vacant. It requires upgrades and capital restoration due to recent flooding, advisers said.

The room does not meet accessibility requirements under provincial legislation and cannot be rented in its current condition. The rent income the city would receive would not offset the cost of necessary repairs, they told councilors.

The demolition of the hall will cost approximately $ 35,000.

A garage next to the hall will remain. It is used by amusement parks for storage.

Meanwhile, the city has warned Grandview Hall in Connaught Park on Grand Street. The room is in poor condition and needs a lot of repair, they told councilors.

The hall was managed and operated for several years by the Optimist Club, which paid rent to the town. However, the club’s lease with the city ended about 10 years ago.

The hall is now used as a training facility by the Brantford Minor Softball Association. The group’s lease with the city ends at the end of 2018.

Councilors learned that the city supported the club’s desire to continue using the hall year over year, but that no capital improvements would be made.

It is likely that the building will have to be demolished within three to four years, the advisers said.

Bellview Hall on Tom Street, leased by the Kinsmen Club, and is in fair to good condition, councilors said.

City staff recommend continuing the lease with the Kinsmen in order to keep the hall open for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, the future use of Dufferin Hall, which has housed the Dufferin Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club for decades, will be considered as part of the city’s budget process as part of a redesign of Dufferin Park.

City councilors voted last December to keep the club, which is over 100 years old, at Dufferin Park. The plan calls for the redevelopment of the club property and could include a new clubhouse, tennis and lawn bowling facilities, parking and a playground.

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