Smart screens will be installed at 6 main sites: GNIDA

noida: In order to raise awareness among citizens, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) will install smart LED screens at six major locations in the city to display and advertise social slogans. Officials said the authority had issued a Request for Proposals (RPF) to finalize the undertaking and work is expected to start next month.

The smart displays will be installed at locations that receive maximum traffic including Pari Chowk, Alpha Commercial Belt, Greater Noida Authority Office, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, Dadri Railway Station and Knowledge Park-II.

“The Authority wants to install LED displays at such places like ITO Delhi. Through this, the authority will be able to show and hear all the social slogans. The citizens will be able to get all the information related to Greater Noida,” said one said a senior GNIDA officer.

The Authority focuses on educating residents to keep their city clean, not to litter in the open, not to touch unclaimed items kept in public places, to maintain greenery and also to display the temperature of Greater Noida. At the same time, all matters related to water conservation, sanitation and safety will also be able to hold them accountable.

“The authority is making every effort to make Greater Noida clean and beautiful. The decision to install LED screens is also an effort in this direction. It will also enhance the beauty of the intersections. Citizens will also easily get all the necessary information It will also be useful in raising awareness through social slogans,” said Surendra Singh, CEO of GNIDA.

According to officials, the LED screens will work on the basis of Build Operate and Transfer for 15 minutes every hour. The selected company will install the LED screen and be granted the right to advertise for five years, so that they can meet their expenses. The installation, operation and maintenance of the LED will be the responsibility of the selected company.

GNIDA CEO and Meerut Divisional Commissioner Surendra Singh gave instructions to speed up the work. The pre-tender meeting for this RPF will be held on July 29 and the deadline for submitting applications is August 5. Technical offers will be open until August 8th.

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