Siya Khumalo | People who see Glenn Thompson’s type of hypocrisy tend to stop supporting democracy

Illustrative photo by Getty Images

Republican Congressman Glenn Thompson voted against protecting same-sex marriage after attending his son’s same-sex wedding. These double standards gradually undermine trust in the social contract, written Siya Khumalo.

Why is it important for everyone to understand Karl Marx’s argument about the role of the state and the law in society, even if they disagree that the law is the instrument through which elites oppress the working class and maintain an unjust status quo? How have differences of opinion on this subject thinned the political milieu?

On the left, there is an acute sensitivity to how the law creates unequal burdens for people under the guise of equality. We see, for example, that laws designed to protect everyone’s property rights can inadvertently increase the cost of housing for people who do not own property. Historical inequalities mean that the application of equality before the law produces invisible inequalities; the result is electoral abstention because people see democracy as relevant and useful for some but not for all.

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