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When cold weather is forecast, Saanich crews are ready to work around the clock to limit dangerous conditions.

Saanich communications manager Erika Schade said when heavy snowfall is likely, the district makes sure priority roads are cleared first and pre-treated with an anti-icing brine.

“Priority routes include major and collector streets that connect us to our transportation system, designated bus routes and steep hills,” Schade said.

“Once these roads remain safe and passable, we then begin on our minor, low-traffic collector roads and residential streets. We thank the public for their patience as we travel our road network.

Saanich’s budget allowance for winter road conditions is $190,000 and the district maintains a reserve to ensure unusual occurrences can be handled.

Additional costs for above-average snow removal would receive an allowance from this funding, Schade said.

She added that it’s important to give Saanich crews as much space as possible so they can clear traffic lanes safely and encourages residents to stay off the roads when conditions are unsafe, to unless travel is necessary.

Owners and occupants are also responsible for clearing snow and snow and ice from sidewalks by 10 a.m. in the morning after a snowfall.

“Be a good neighbour, friend or family member and lend a hand to someone who isn’t able to shovel their own sidewalk or driveway.

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