Roll-out of Wi-Fi in Renfrewshire Council community halls underway

PREPARATIONS for the roll-out of Wi-Fi in Renfrewshire Council community halls are underway, with installation expected to follow next year.

The move will benefit 21 halls, three of which are connected to libraries, as the local authority strives to improve cyber connectivity in its towns and cities.

Coverage will also be improved in schools in Renfrewshire.

An update on the project was provided by Councilor John Shaw, Head of Finance, Resource and Client Services Policy Council, at the last full council meeting.

The SNP member confirmed that the technical specifications should be in place by the end of this year, with site surveys to follow.

Most of the 21 community halls will benefit from the council’s Wi-Fi service for the first time, although a small number are due to have their existing service upgraded.

Councilor Shaw said: “The framework for that to happen is in the works right now. The technical specification is being finalized. This should be in place by the end of the year.

“Site surveys to help make decisions on how we prioritize and who goes first, these will all take place or should also start by the end of the year, so hopefully from the first quarter in the middle of the next year, we will see this work begin.

“On top of that, a lot of our schools have trouble with weak spots – blind spots, places where they can’t get Wi-Fi – so we’re going to upgrade all schools’ Wi-Fi, so that there is 100 percent coverage in schools.

“The broadband capability of all of these buildings is also being improved, so that’s pretty good news.”

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