Richmond School Board is considering a dozen potential temporary locations for Fox Elementary

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Students at William Fox Elementary will return to class virtually on Wednesday. Still, the Richmond School Board says its top priority is finding temporary space for these students, but the process could take weeks.

School board member Jonathan Young said the list of locations had grown to more than a dozen properties after different community organizations stepped up and offered to house classrooms.

These spaces include churches, school properties and other vacant Richmond Public School spaces.

Young says he’s had preliminary conversations with St. Gertrude High School because of its proximity to Fox Elementary, but right now the board is identifying the tradeoff of each location.

“One, yes, get these kids and teachers to a new space as soon as possible. Two, preferably near Fox, then three, to keep this school together in prayer before and as we rebuild at the Fox site,” Young said.

Superintendent Jason Kamras said Clark Springs Elementary School is at the top of the list because the school division already owns the building. Young says that when looking at locations, they also consider accommodations and repairs that may be needed for students.

On Monday afternoon, Fox Elementary teachers gathered at nearby Cary Elementary to discuss and learn about healing from this tragic event.

“It came alive with the kids, the teachers, and the laughter,” said Fox Elementary teacher David Dejnozka. “So it was a very old building, but it was kept alive by all of us.”

Classes were canceled for students on Monday, but teachers came prepared to learn how to better prepare and be there for students during this difficult time.

“How we share our grief with them; how we let them speak because everyone’s loss is different,” said Cindy Dejnozka.

David and Cindy met at Fox as teachers nearly 20 years ago, later married, and their kids go to Fox Elementary.

Although the condition of the building is still unknown, Kamras and Young have announced plans to rebuild at Fox Elementary’s current site.

“We hope that when it’s renovated or rebuilt, whoever does it can keep Fox as it was and elevate the 111-year-old building as much as possible,” Dejnozka said.

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