Ponoka County will continue to fund active community halls – Rimbey Review

Here are brief items of interest from the regular Ponoka County meeting on January 25.

Square in the Rimbey district

The council has decided to forward an application from Rimbey Neighborhood Place for funding for their 2022 expenses to the local FCSS for consideration.

Visit to the Ponoka Youth Center

The Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) board visited the Ponoka Youth Centre. It was noted that they serve meals five days a week at the center.

low level crossing

Deputy Superintendent Blaine Rose said a request has been made to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Transport Canada and Alberta Environment for the replacement of the crossing west of SW 34-42-26-W4.

The county had received funding for the removal of the crossing in the event that it would not allow the replacement.

Ponoka Boxcar Company

The Board reviewed the contribution requests from Ponoka FCSS and the Ponoka Covered Wagon Society for their 2022 budgets.

There have been no increases from either organization over 2021 requests. The Covered Wagon Society is reportedly looking for an increase in subsequent years to replace aging vans .

The Board voted to donate $31,000 to the Ponoka Covered Wagon Society for 2022 and $40,109 to Ponoka FCSS for 2022.

Community Hall Utility Grants

Ponoka County will include a $1,500 contribution in its 2022 budget to each of the county’s active community halls.

Rimbey ARC meeting

Com. Nancy Hartford recently attended the Rimbey Area Retention Committee meeting. There was some interest in medical professionals moving to Rimbey.

Trees on Range Road 262

Residents had expressed concern that some trees were knocked down on Range Road 262 south of Township Road 434 as the county cleared snow. It was pointed out that the trees were in the county ditch, not on private land.

East Lincoln Property Reclassification

East Lincoln Properties Ag, NE 5-42-27-4, applied to be rezoned from Agricultural District to Country Residential District.

It was determined that regardless of the outcome of the rezoning application, the existing house on the neighborhood was already affecting the minimum setback distance for the contained power operation on the property north of the area of ​​the application.

Following a public hearing, the first and second readings of the rezoning bylaw passed, with three votes in favor and two against each time. The third reading was to be considered at the next council meeting.

Fire protection services

Assistant General Manager Peter Hall presented an updated bylaw for fire protection services in Ponoka County for consideration by the board. The regulation would repeal the previous one.

The new regulations were given a third and final reading and were adopted unanimously.

Rimbey Agrim Center

The Ponoka County Council voted unanimously to stop financial contributions to the Rimbey Agrim Center after March 31, 2022. The motion is adopted unanimously.

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