Pickford Community Library raises money to move

PICKFORD — Renovations are currently underway at what will soon be the new location of the Pickford Community Library, thanks to donations from the community.

The Pickford Community Library opened as a branch of the Upper District Library over 10 years ago and has operated in the community ever since. Now they are preparing to open in a new location that will be owned directly by the library instead of rented.

“We wanted the library to have its own building that belongs to us,” said library director Emily Hyde. “The rented space is working but it’s not the best, the new building will be heated and will just be a warmer and more welcoming space for the community.”

Unlike the current library building, which is kept warm by radiators, the new library will be better equipped with heating to make it more accessible to the community.

The space will also be larger, allowing more space for books and allowing people to use the library together. For this reason, the new building will be able to accommodate more large events supporting and involving the community, such as hosting authors or readings for local children.

“Hopefully it will be more like a community center for people,” Hyde said. “It will be a good space for people to stay and study or read or do programs, the condition of the building will be really nice.”

The new building will also include a community room that will be used to host events and a meeting room that can be used by anyone for private or public gatherings.

A look inside the new library location, which is currently under construction.

The move to the new building is still several months away while the interior is completely redone. Renovations will be complete in time to move in this summer, just in time to begin annual summer reading programs for local children.

The new building is located at 137 E. Main St. in Pickford, the former location of NAPA Auto Parts. The old building is located at

The renovations are partially funded by the community itself and built by community volunteers. The library asks people to donate what they can or volunteer at all times to create a better library for people.

A drywall delivery will help build the new Pickford Community Library.

“The district bought the building,” Hyde said. “The building committee and the community are raising funds to renovate it, there is a link to donate on the website if people want to help.”

To donate to the cause or for more information about the library and its new location, visit their website at www.pickfordlibrary.org. Their current location is at 230 E. Main St. in Pickford.

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