Paramedics ‘dismiss’ three separate requests to attend to injured victim in Ayr Street

A group of Good Samaritans were ‘disgusted’ when a paramedic told them they would not come to the aid of an injured 62-year-old woman – despite three separate calls.

The women suffered suspected head, rib and leg injuries after falling at Sandgate, Ayr on Thursday December 9 at around 9.40pm.

But a group who were on the streets at the time and rushed to the aid of the stricken woman, said requests for a mercy team had been flatly denied despite repeated attempts.

One of the group, Roy Claxton, said: ‘I was walking with my friend on the Sandgate late Thursday night and a woman walked past us going in the opposite direction.

“Seconds later, she let out a scream. She tripped on an uneven sidewalk, hit her head and ribs, and said something was sticking out of her leg.

“She was in a lot of pain and couldn’t move without making it worse.

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“We made her as comfortable as possible without making her pain worse and I put a pair of gloves under her head to isolate her from the pavement. It was very cold.

“Another couple of gentlemen came to offer their help. Then two women arrived on the scene.

“I called 999 and gave them all the details. The response was, ‘based on the information you provided, we will not send an ambulance.’

“So I asked were we supposed to let her lay there all night in the freezing cold? To which I was told to call 111 for advice. Advice on what? She needed immediate medical attention, from people qualified to move her and take her to hospital. My protests fell on deaf ears.

Fortunately, other people in the area came to the woman’s aid, but Roy is angry at the way the victim was treated.

He explained: ‘I called 111 and eventually an automated system told me the wait time to speak to someone, however good it would be, was over 30 minutes.

“My battery was low so I asked one of the gentlemen to try calling an ambulance again.

“He received the same response and was told someone would call him with advice on his phone. That never happened.

“One of the ladies managed to call the daughter of the woman on the phone in her bag. She arrived 10 minutes later.

“She called the ambulance service and again got nowhere.

“A guy from the Treehouse restaurant brought foil blankets to keep her warm.

“With the wind, it was difficult to keep them in place. We were literally stuck, with a 62-year-old lady lying on the sidewalk in the freezing cold, not knowing how to change the situation.

“We had drawn a total blank with the NHS. Hero? Do not make me laugh !”

Fortunately, following a call to the cops, an ambulance was finally called, on the fourth attempt, and the lady was taken to hospital.

But the whole episode left ex-serviceman Roy appalled at the current state of emergency services.

Roy Claxton of Ayr couldn't believe the response the group received from the paramedic
Roy Claxton of Ayr couldn’t believe the response the group received from the paramedic

Roy, 66, from Ayr, who runs the South Ayrshire Table Tennis Club, said: “Eventually, to our great relief, an ambulance arrived. It was about an hour after he fell and only because the police s is involved.

“She cried out when they tried to move her. We left it in their expert hands.

“But it is impossible to describe the disbelief we all felt in this situation.

“What do you do as a bystander when the NHS refuses to help a seriously injured person lying in the street?”

The band members also plan to raise the issue with Ayr MSP Siobhian Brown.

Roy added: “You can’t leave an injured 62-year-old woman lying in the street.

“If they [the Scottish Ambulance Service] says, ‘we won’t be here for a few hours’ or something, then that’s fine. But refusing to go out…it’s disgusting.”

In August, Ayrshire Live reported how an elderly woman was left lying in a busy town center street for more than four hours as she waited for an ambulance.

Horrified members of the public rushed to the aid of the lady after she fell in Ayr’s Newmarket Street, just around the corner from Sandgate.

But despite a head injury, she was forced to wait all afternoon for a mercy team.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We are truly sorry for the patient’s experience and will be reviewing this case to identify learning.

“Although we are limited in what we can say due to patient confidentiality. We received the first call at 9.41pm and an ambulance was dispatched and at the scene within 35 minutes. We hope the patient is recovering well .”

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