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Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has prepared a plan to start paying on the street and parking at 70 locations on major roads including Amravati Road, West High Court (WHC) Road, East High Court (EHC) Road , Kamptee Road, etc. .
However, the payment and off-street parking plan has not yet been prepared.
City Commissioner Radhakrishnan B has directed the NMC Traffic Department to launch an Expression of Interest (EoI) inviting operators to develop, operate and maintain payment and parking at these locations. The department is expected to launch the EOI soon.
NMC officials told TOI, “The park and the park will be state-of-the-art facilities. People will be able to find out the availability of space at these locations before going there and can also book in advance. To this end, a smart card will be introduced, which will work at all sites and allow cashless transactions. Monthly and other pass systems will also be facilitated. We will be asking interested agencies for more innovative ideas.
The officials added that the main motive behind the payment and parking is to regulate the parking of vehicles on main roads, especially in market areas. “Pay and park will also help reduce traffic congestion. It will also help promote the use of public transport services,” they said.
Pay and park at 70 locations is Phase I of the parking policy approved by the civic body in 2017. Its implementation has stalled due to a delay in the preparation of the detailed project report, which has was recently approved.
In 2017, the general body of the NMC had also approved the fees to be collected for payroll and park. Two-wheelers will be charged Rs5 for 2 hours and Rs10 for up to 8 hours, four-wheelers Rs10 for 2 hours and Rs20 for up to 8 hours, bicycles Rs2 for 2 hours and Rs5 for up to 8 hours and Rs5 for 2 hours and Rs10 up to 8 hours for three and five wheel utility vehicles.
The NMC had only successfully implemented on-street payment and parking at very few locations in the past, including the section of Wardha Road between Lokmat Square and Panchsheel Square. Pay and on-street parking schemes in many places failed to take off as the NMC could not convince the operator to run the scheme and it also caved under pressure from merchants.
The development of off-street parking, in particular multi-level automatic parking malls, is also part of the parking policy. But the civic body has yet to provide off-street parking facilities.
One such facility developed by the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) next to Eternity Mall on Amravati Road is said to have failed due to non-cooperation from the police.
As part of the parking policy, there is also a plan to charge parking fees in inner city lanes.
Due to non-enforcement of parking policy, traffic congestion has increased significantly on major roads, especially in market areas such as Dharampeth, Itwari, Sitabuldi, Mahal, Khamla, etc.
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Key locations identified for payment and parking under Phase I
*From Variety Square to Law College Square
* Ravi Nagar Square at Futala T-point
*Lokmat Sq to Panchsheel Sq
*RBI Chowk at Shree Mohini T-point Complex
* From Ashoka Hotel to Point T of Kamptee Road
*Indora Chowk in Kamal Chowk
*Agrasen Chowk to Golibar Chowk
* Laxmibhuvan Square at Ram Nagar Square
* From University Square to VCA Stadium
* Chhatrapati Square in Khamla Chowk
* Medical place in Ashoka Chowk
*Baidyanath Chowk to Ashoka Chowk
* From Gokulpeth Square to EHC Road
*Nagar T-point Congress at NMC Dhantoli Area Office
* From Manewada Chowk to Tukdoji Square

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