NIGERIA Women tend to have lower sustainable reintegration outcomes

NIGERIA Women tend to have lower durable reintegration outcomes. Women are often excluded from the community and their families, who link them to prostitution and consider them “cowardly” women. This video features first-hand testimonies from four women who returned to Nigeria and rebuilt their lives with the support of the EU-IOM Joint Initiative. Based on the study “Comparative Reintegration Outcomes between Forced and Voluntary Return and Through a Gender Perspective”, commissioned by IOM under the EU-IOM Knowledge Management Hub.


IOM West and Central Africa launched the Migration Reporting Competition in March as part of the EU-IOM Joint Initiative activities. It aims to contribute to a better understanding of all aspects of migration and to enable a more balanced treatment of migrant stories.

The competition was first launched in Senegal and Gambia. In June, each country awarded nine journalists prizes for their work in radio, television and print media. The winning pieces included reports on irregular migration trends, reintegration opportunities for returnees, and protection for victims of trafficking. Chad, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria have launched their competition and are announcing their winners in the coming months.

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