Nftown is revolutionizing the metaverse by creating community hubs in over 1000 locations around the world



Summary: In an effort to support local talent and advance the Web3 ecosystem, nftown is creating hubs in cities around the world

Nftown develops community centers around the world to promote local artists and expand the web3 network. Their goal is to strengthen community ties by establishing real-world places where web3 dwellers can connect, network, and help each other when it comes to NFTs and web3. The NFT owner can expect future site-specific AR benefits as well as future local market share.

With feedback and ideas from an active user base, companies like nftown are able to refine and improve existing products, create new ones in response to user demands, and attract more of people to Web3. The underlying blockchain technology of Web3 incorporates the notion of collective work. Overall, web3 is community-driven, community-driven, and community-run in many ways. Therefore, setting up community centers will pay off in terms of attracting a wider audience.

Places are a crucial part of the nftown system, and their NFT collection represents ownership of a portion of those places. Virtual “places” present internationally renowned monuments. The “owners” of each location will choose how they promote and discover new local talent, organize events and generally help the local community. These areas are critical to the future augmented reality experience that nftown intends to provide.

Owners are community engaged individuals with an NFT venue. They will have their own space and manage it together. This increases their chances of achieving their goals and aspirations, even if other owners are unwilling to help them. To become an owner, nftown launches a new weekly game to connect people around the world. The first five people in the designated area to submit a video with the location proof code will receive two free NFT Mints. Place NFT holders will have a share in their intended local markets, which will provide local creative communities with a voice and a platform.



The main objective of Nftown is a community initiative controlled by the shareholders of NFT. nftown shares NFTs symbolize an investment in nftown, where the community runs the business and benefits from its growth. On the dynamic actions of NFT, involvement in the governance of nftown is rewarded with greater benefits and increased decision-making power.

About nftown

Since the turn of the twenty-fifth century, nftown has been building the foundations of the world we now inhabit. As Radek Sukala, founder of nftown, says, “We are bringing our expertise to develop the internet and mobile banking infrastructure for some of Europe’s largest financial institutions at the start of the mobile era in Web3”. In addition to their proficiency in blockchain wallet security management, they have over 25 years of experience in large-scale Web1 and Web2 development. Tomas Topinka is the co-founder of nftown with extensive experience in designing software systems for the energy and air traffic industries, as well as developing applications and leading large teams to execute creative projects in large scale.

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