New Delhi Traffic Police system shares information on pit locations for towed vehicles

More than 39,000 vehicles have been towed away by the Delhi Traffic Police in the past three months since it introduced a new system of sharing pit location information with vehicle owners via text message, a announced the police on Friday. As of December 1, 2021, Delhi Traffic Police officials said, a new system has been launched in which information is shared with owners of towed vehicles through text messages on their mobile phone numbers registered on the condition of their vehicles and the location of the stands.

According to the data, 39,155 vehicles were towed by Delhi Traffic Police from 1st Dec 2021 to 28th Feb 2022. Soon Delhi Traffic Police will also start sending SMS alerts on the chowks where the towed vehicles are taken first before being deposited in the pits.

Previously, when vehicles were towed away, people would file a missing person complaint or file a vehicle theft complaint, said Delhi Police Public Relations Officer Suman Nalwa. “In this new system, our traffic department immediately sends a message to the registered mobile number of the owner of the towed vehicle informing him that his vehicle is at that particular stand in Delhi so that he can pay his challans and collect his vehicle without any difficulty,” she said.

Of the total towed vehicles, there were 18,987 two-wheelers, 13,730 passenger cars, 4,175 three-wheelers and 1,279 commercial cars and vans, the data showed. Data analysis showed that 838 heavy-duty vehicles (HLVs), 69 heavy-duty transport vehicles (HTDs), 42 medium-duty vehicles (MGVs), 13 buses and six vehicles of other categories were also towed.

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Deputy Traffic Police Commissioner (Modernization), SK Singh, said: “Most owners of towed vehicles used to file loss reports. Now, with this new system, they immediately receive a notice and can remove their vehicle from roundabouts.” “We are also in the process of sending current locations. At the moment we only send the stand locations. Delhi where the vehicles are parked,” he said.


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