Locations of confirmed Omicron cases in Warwickshire will not be revealed

Health officials have revealed why they declined to give details of confirmed cases of Omicron in Warwickshire.

CoventryLive has asked Warwickshire County Council to reveal where the two positive cases of the new variant were found in the county.

But the local authority declined to say where the two confirmed cases were.

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We asked why and the authority, which is responsible for public health, said that due to the low numbers, the risk of identifying people with the variant is too high.

Yet nearby Staffordshire County Council has revealed the location of his only case – as have many other UK councils. Nottingham and Chelmsford in Kent were the first two places to report a case: and both have released the details to the public.

However, a spokesperson for Warwickshire County Council said he would not disclose any details.

“The numbers are low and therefore the risk of identifying an individual, if more details are shared, is high. So we will not disclose more details.”

“The numbers are low and therefore the risk of identifying an individual, if more details are shared, is high,” the spokesperson said.

“So we won’t disclose any further details.”

What has been confirmed is that both cases are linked to travel.

It is also known that the two cases were isolated and that “robust” tracking and traceability systems were now underway to contact those who may have been in contact with the two people.


Health bosses have said testing is key to stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Those with symptoms, even mild ones, should self-isolate and get a PCR test immediately.

They also asked those without symptoms to use rapid lateral flow tests before mixing with others.

Getting the vaccine, whether it’s the first, second or booster, is also essential, they say. This can be booked online here.

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