Local business wins nearly $ 17 million bid to build two community centers



The board of directors unanimously awarded the contract to build two community resilience centers, one in Groveland and the other in Tuolumne, to Robert E. Boyer Construction Inc, based in Sonora. Deputy county administrator Maureen Frank told council that the nine qualifying companies all price bids at around a million dollars from each other. Boyer Construction had the lowest bid at $ 16,731,476. Frank said: “It’s exciting because Boyer has already done projects for the county, we’ve had a great relationship with them and he’s local.” The first project Frank worked on with Boyer was the Groveland Ambulance Station.

According to Frank, Lee Moyle of Moyle Excavation Inc. is set to innovate “yesterday” at both sites simultaneously and is expected to begin before the end of this month. With the approval of supervisors, the exact date of the inauguration will depend on a final review of the contract and bond documents, and then the county will issue a notice of prosecution.

The two community resilience centers are expected to be completed within 14 months. Other photos of the two CRCs from the Lionakis architectural firm can be found in the image box. The CRC facility measures approximately 8,775 square feet with a large 200-person conference room that can be split into two, a small 20-person classroom, four offices, a commercial kitchen, and restrooms with showers. They will have generators and many outlets to offer to the public when needed.

One thing that is not yet finalized is the decision on which of the nine additional features proposed for the projects, including a radio tower structure at each site or audiovisual equipment in the classroom and large meeting rooms, and at the Groveland site a pedestrian bridge or crosswalk and an outhouse building.

Funding for two community centers hardly took place. Frank noted, as difficult as it is to meet all of the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) requirements, after explaining how much the two centers would mean to the communities of Groveland and Tuolumne, the HCD concluded another grant fund to obtain an additional $ 5 million for the construction of the two centers.

Tuolumne County received a total of $ 24,511,125 in federal grants after the 2013 rim fire. Tuolumne County supervisors approved an agreement to purchase two acres in Tuolumne for the Tuolumne CRC from the Tuolumne Band of Me Wuk Indians, as shown here, located along Bay Street and Cherry Loop Blvd. The Groveland CRC will be located along Ferretti Road, just past the Groveland Community Services District office.


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