Letter: Critics of wind power tend to be fueled by the coal and gas industry | Letters

This letter responds to recent ridiculous claims about Lake Erie wind turbines that either reflect complete ignorance or ignore the benefits of sustainable energy sources. Most opinions completely ignore the impact of frame construction in any waterway.

One of the main reasons the Power Authority did not build a wind farm in Buffalo’s Lake Erie is that the proposal was started 10 years ago but never developed. Full development with political sponsors will ensure installation can take place. It is clearly a reasonable use of the clear expanses of the lake and the shallow waters in front of the breakwaters to build wind turbines.

The success of the Steel Winds turbine project in Lackawanna, which produces electricity for 15,000 households daily, as well as good local tax revenues, encourages the increase in wind energy.

Successful examples like Steel Winds and Block Island, Rhode Island Turbines should be accurately reported rather than belittled by ignorant opinions. Wind energy is full of promise with 4,000 turbines added to the US grid every year.

These right-wing propagandists who destroy wind energy are encouraged and financed by the coal and gas industries which stand to lose money as fossil fuels are replaced by wind and solar energy.

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