“I’ve seen this play before and it doesn’t end well.” — Retired CIA officer. January 6 inaction

During his 34-year career in the CIA’s underground service, London says he spied on autocrats and would-be autocrats like Trump, whose sole purpose was to seize and hold power.

The stories of January 6 are all too familiar – ambitious scoundrels organized around a charismatic leader who serves as a lightning rod and can advance or threaten their personal interests. This leader must compromise and take control of the institutions that pose obstacles, and the most effective way is to seize them from within. Ironically, this is a feat accomplished best democratically…

Trump’s “critical innovation” was to attack “the truth itself”. This “subjectification of the truthhas been made more feasible by the democratization of mass communications accessibility brought about by the Internet.

“What began with the clumsy suggestion of ‘alternative facts’ morphed into a more insistent redefinition of truth to persuade an audience eager and eager to feel validated,” London writes.

London explains that “Trump and his closest associates prioritized control of the Justice Department” and wanted the military to be his regime’s backing if the DoJ failed. But, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marc Milley would not break his constitutional oath, much to Trump’s surprise.

At the CIA, Trump’s coterie of cronies purged members of the intelligence community who spoke “truth to power” by stating that it was “the intelligence community’s belief that Russia was already taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election in an effort to help Trump win.” London believed that then-CIA Director Gina Haspel “intervened on behalf of Trump regarding Russian intelligence products.”

She was not acting alone, disgraced retired General Mike Flynn and others”military and intelligence veterans” lied about the 2020 election and urged Trump to ignore his defeat. A former CIA officer, Brad Johnson, actively pushed the false “Italygate” conspiracy theory spread by QAnon with the help of Mark Meadows, Trump’s Chief of Staff, Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen and Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller.

There are some people “still serving in the American military, intelligence and law enforcement communities,” writes London, concluding:

The outrageous behavior of Trump politics appointees and his country to overturn the election results, action must be taken before the cancer spreads throughout the government.

Absent consequences for Trump and his circle of minions or any GOP contrition that manifests in consensus and action to prevent future subversion of democracy, what next?

This is not a partisan issue. Without substantial changes and additional protections, the institutions of our Republic will be instruments of its destruction. There is no guarantee that the nation will be so lucky in the next January 6 insurrection / autogolpe attempt.

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