ias: For good governance, take better care of the IAS

The report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances and Law and Justice recently tabled in Parliament states that the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) has 22% fewer officers than its ‘sanctioned strength’ of 6,746 officers, the bare minimum deemed fit to administer India. This growing shortfall can have serious consequences. The Indian government must come up with short and long term solutions.

The IAS deficit has been a problem since the 1950s. Responding to these challenges has real implications for governance, development and growth. Good governance is essential for any nation. An exhausted administrative body does not help in this regard. Therefore, the government needs a plan to staff the system with competent and qualified personnel in the short term and put in place systems for sustained responses in the long term. Side entry, bringing in people from outside government who have proven expertise in the area through a transparent system, could help fill the void. This will allow the GoI to be operational. It’s a way to also tap into a larger talent pool, with new ideas and approaches to governance coming in minus much of the notorious baggage.

Another possibility is to increase the number of non-managerial and state civil service officers serving all over India. But this will mean the exhaustion of state and specialized non-framework service. Improving range of motion within both parts of the administrative system and outside can help not only increase the ranks of the IAS but also revitalize it at a time when it needs revitalization . With growing administrative and governance challenges and growing commitment, a skeleton administrative staff will no longer suffice.

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