Global: More people tend to like movie ads

Outdoor advertising continues to be a key marketing tool for many brands – and now that they are open again in many markets, theaters are back on the table. For marketers, theaters offer a risk-free opportunity to advertise their products and services to a targeted – and often captive – audience.

But do consumers like to watch these ads? The latest data from YouGov Profiles, an audience intelligence tool, sheds light on what adults who visit the theater at least once every three months think in six key markets.

In general, consumers who visit theaters at least once every three months are more likely to enjoy theatrical advertisements than the general population in most of the markets in our survey, indicating that this is not the case. only the constraint that binds the public to their seats when they watch these advertisements.

The data shows key differences between consumers when presented with the “I like watching movie theater” statement. In Japan, for example, consumers are as likely to agree with this statement as they are on the fence (30% vs. 30%). But it’s worth noting that adults here are about twice as likely to agree to liking movie ads than they are to disagree (46% vs. 24%).

More than a quarter of urban Indians tend to like movie ads (28%), far exceeding those who are still undecided (25%). The distribution of the audience by age indicates that it is the 30-44 year olds who are likely to appreciate these advertisements (16-29: 32%; 30-44: 39%; 45+: 33%).

In the UK and Australia, consumers who go to the movies at least once every three months are more likely to say that they tend to like the ads they see in the movies than to disagree (UK United: 32% versus 27%; Australia: 25% versus 24%).

Consumers in France are generally divided (agree: 39%; disagree: 38%).

Among the markets in our survey, only German consumers disagree the most about liking cinema ads – with more than half of those surveyed (54%). This tells us that the marketers here need to be a bit more judgmental about how they use these pre-movie opportunities.

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Methodology: YouGov Profiles is based on continuously collected data and continuous surveys, rather than a single limited questionnaire. YouGov profile data is nationally representative and weighted by age, gender, education, region and race. Learn more about YouGov profiles.

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