Five Ways Tend takes care of its dentists

The dental industry has long needed a modern update, and Tend was among the first to reinvent dentistry.

Tender has always blown us away with their beautiful and stylish interiors, streaming TV and sunglasses while you brush your teeth, and most importantly – their genuine non-judgmental attitudes. They also have an Instagram-worthy Brushery, so patients can sweep up their breakfast and lunch before their cleaning appointment.

Tend ticks every box for us when it comes to community and culture, but when we saw the real benefits of working there, a few of us considered switching from our current careers to dentistry!

Here are five reasons — including top-notch medical benefits and compensation — why dentists should switch to

401(k) and correspondence

Turning 65 may seem like a long shot, but saving for retirement shouldn’t be negotiable. Tend will match all contributions of 401,000 with a 4% match – that’s free money Tend invests in your retirement!

Continuing education at TendU

Alright, this one is a game changer. We all felt like we learned everything a job had to offer at some point. Tend offers extensive continuing education programs through Spear and TendU, Tend’s bespoke digital training platform, so you’ll always have a way to hone and discover more skills.

High-end technology

One of the best parts of working at
Tender is access to incredible technology – starting with their all-digital workflows. Dentists diagnose and create treatment plans using intraoral scans, CBCT, and digital x-rays on a cloud-based practice management platform. Additionally, there are digital scanners to capture smiles in 3D, making patient education even easier.

The most exciting news is that they are the first to develop an interactive mobile app that helps guide members through their dental needs.


The accumulation of PTOs in some companies may seem eternal. And then once you have the PTO, asking to take it can feel like pulling your teeth. Trending offers
generous PTO plans, plus all company-paid vacations.

Customer Reviews

The company you work for should reflect the same things you value.
Tender at hundreds 5 star reviews of their dentists, service and hospitality.

Tend has been doing their best for their customers since their very first cleaning, and now they’re proving they’re doing the same for their employees. Tend knows that revenue is more than just a dollar amount for each employee. While the hourly rate is important – and we can’t say it enough – it’s not everything.

Things like PTO, health insurance, and commuter benefits all come off your paycheck in one way or another. If you’re paying out of pocket for continuing education, health benefits, or even your scrubs, you’re wasting money that a company like Tend could cover for you.

The benefits, culture and genuine care that Tend offers its employees should be a case study for dentists everywhere.

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