Electric vehicle charging stations on the way to 350 sites across Northern Ireland for £20m investment

Belfast-based start-up Weev plans to spend £20m on a network of public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at 350 locations in Northern Ireland.

he company says it has attracted private investment for the planned network of 1,500 charging stations, including at six fast-charging sites where drivers are promised to fully charge their vehicle in less than 20 minutes.

Weev, incorporated earlier this year, is a spin-off from b4b group, an established information technology and telecommunications company led by Thomas O’Hagan and Dominic Kearns, both directors of the new venture.

It is planned to complete the deployment of the charging stations by the end of 2024, with the first to be put in place later this year. The investment has been well received by proponents of the electric car.

The investment will help address the lack of charging infrastructure in Northern Ireland, the company says, adding that Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon recently flagged the lack of commercial operators in the space.

“With the current fuel price situation, consumers are now seriously considering switching to an electric vehicle, but they should make this switch knowing that their charging requirements will be met if they need it on any given journey. “said Mr. O’Hagan. mentioned.

“Our rollout has just begun and we expect to have the first users on our network by mid-2022.

“In total by the end of 2024, we expect to have completed the installation of a network of 1,500 operational charging points in strategic locations across Northern Ireland.”

Mark McCall of the Electric Vehicle Association Northern Ireland (EVANI) said: “We have been pushing to create an enabling environment for investment by commercial operators to bring new public charging infrastructure to Northern Ireland. We are delighted that Weev has volunteered to help achieve this goal.

“Electric vehicle drivers in Northern Ireland have been calling for action and we’re really looking forward to seeing the progress the company is making with its planned rollout.”

also offer electric vehicle and rental fleet management solutions.Charging points will be available in convenient locations such as parking lots, Weev said. It will be

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