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Malvern, PA – Just before the huge charity event Give Tuesday, Vanguard Charitable reported on the charitable giving habits of American adults. The data is based on a survey of more than 2,000 American adults conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Vanguard.

According to the survey, Americans who actively budget for charitable giving are more likely to have given more in the past year than those who don’t budget at all ($ 2,453 vs. $ 355). Additionally, only 44% of Americans who donated to charity in the past year said they include monetary donations to charity in their annual budgets. In other words, the non-budgeting of charitable giving appears to be correlated with a decrease in charitable giving.

“The charitable giving that we have seen over the past year has been inspiring in the face of devastating circumstances. Data from this survey underscores that planning and budgeting can help individuals have the greatest charitable impact, ”said Rebecca Moffett, President of Vanguard Charitable.

“Philanthropists give for a variety of very personal and important reasons, and at Vanguard Charitable, we encourage every donor to leverage their motivations by actively planning for their impact throughout the year. This shift in mindset will transform short-term giving into long-term giving, a sustained impact for nonprofits desperate for continued support. “

The donors interviewed were also asked about the reasons for their donation. Those who donated in the past year were more often than not inspired by personal experiences or current events.

  • 27% were inspired by personal experience to donate / make a larger donation
  • 24% were inspired by current events or miscellaneous facts (COVID-19, natural disasters)
  • 22% were following a charitable budget that they stick to each year
  • 20% were inspired to donate again to a new / different charity
  • 16% volunteers for the organization
  • 15% gave because the charity appealed to give more
  • 14% were coerced by a friend or family member to donate
  • 11% were constrained by the tax advantage
  • 14% other

Among Americans who gave $ 250 or more in the past year, the main motivator for their giving was the urge to stick to their charitable giving budget (33%).

Other survey results:

  • 73% of Americans donated money to charity in the past 12 months
  • Young Americans (18-44) and those nearing retirement age (55-64) are more likely to have a charitable donation budget.
  • 16% of donors have given more than $ 1,000 in the past 12 months

Additional data from WalletHub indicates that Pennsylvania is the sixth most charitable state in the United States, with Utah coming in first. Detailed analyzes and summaries of charitable giving by state, wealth, political affiliations and more are available on WalletHub’s full report.

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