Data shows England’s most popular electric vehicle charging locations


August 15, 2022

| Author: Sean Keywood

A list of the most popular public charging points for electric vehicles has been published by Zap-Map.

According to data from the recharge app, for the second quarter of 2022 the most popular and second most popular locations are operated by Gridserve – its Super Hubs services at Moto Rugby and Moto Exeter respectively.

Third place was taken by the MFG EV Power hub in Newington, while fourth was the BP Pulse charging hub in Hammersmith.

Fifth place was taken by another Gridserve location – its Electric Forecourt in Braintree.

Zap-Mao co-founder and COO Melanie Shufflebotham said: “With more than 500,000 purely electric cars on UK roads and the number of EV drivers joining their ranks showing no signs of slowing, hubs high-powered charging slots are becoming increasingly popular, as these five most popular charging slots show us.

“It’s great to see so many people joining the EV community and using these super-fast hubs, not just because they allow longer electric journeys, but ultimately because every EV driver on the road contributes to reducing our carbon emissions.

“It’s popular locations like these that help provide peace of mind for EV drivers undertaking long journeys, who know they can easily find a convenient location for a quick boost.”


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