Community halls and buildings receive funding from the Taranaki Electricity Trust

Taranaki Electricity Trust chairman Alan Jamieson (left) with trustees Andrew Wood and Jono Erwood.

Community halls and non-profit businesses can begin renovations with grants from the Taranaki Electricity Trust (TET).

Seven community halls and buildings have successfully received funding in the recent round of TET grants. President Alan Jamieson says it’s important that community buildings like these receive support.

“We strongly support places that have a positive impact on the community. We value charitable community groups because the work they do is important. People need a place they can go to focus. on their well-being, relax and have fun and these places help people to do that.”

The Stratford District Theater Trust received $100,000 for renovation projects. Alan says he has already received funds for renovations.

“The money is going towards their renovation projects. They have already successfully applied for funding from us. The theater is a big attraction for Stratford and it is essential to help the trust so that it can thrive.”

Stratford District Theater Trust chairman Jason Kowalewski said the grant will help fund the second stage of the cinema upgrade project.

“This will finance a new cinema screen, which will improve the quality of the image for our public. We will also buy acoustic curtains, which will make the sound experience in the theater more qualitative.”

With funding from last year, Jason says they improved the foyer and upgraded the sound system.

“We had new carpet installed and the bathrooms were also changed.”

He says that without the support of TET administrators and other sponsors, none of this would be possible.

Another community facility that may begin renovations is the Wharehuia Community Center. Treasurer Kylie Hancock says she is delighted to receive funding of $62,412.

“It’s going towards a big project that we have planned. We’re putting in a new roof, painting the interior and installing new flooring, blinds, heat pumps and the most exciting thing, showers.”

She says the building was originally a school, which has not operated since the early 2000s.

“It is now used by the head office, an education group for gifted children, the Stratford Cycle Club, the Creative Fiber Group and other groups.”

Kylie says the use of the facility by various groups has been a push to freshen it up.

“Having people use the facility was like a breath of life and we want to provide them with a safe and clean environment.”

The Waitara Districts and Services Club received $100,000.

Committee member Trent Hall says the grant will help fund a new roof.

“The roof will cost $350,000, so this funding is a big help in completing the project. The bones don’t work if the roof is leaking and as a community facility it is important that the facility is in top condition.

Other successful applicants were: Stratford Mountain Club Inc ($26,000), Norfolk Hall Society Inc ($15,146), Toko Domain ($6,767) and Maata District Hall ($68,185).

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