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Grand Noida: The Greater Noida Authority has decided to establish community centers in all areas of Greater Noida over the next three years. The most populous areas will get community centers in the first year and areas that have been sparsely populated so far will get the second and third consecutive years. The decision was announced by Narendra Bhushan, CEO of the Greater Noida Authority in a meeting with the Greater Noida Federation of RWAs and RWA representatives from various sectors on Monday.

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Community centers will be set up gradually and each center will have a different design. These centers will be designed to have club facilities, adequate parking and a common room. Two rooms will also be built in each community center that will help RWAs to conduct their official meetings or other community events.

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Other community issues were also discussed during the meeting. In some areas, there have been complaints about the non-connection of sewer lines to the STP, on which the CEO has asked the sewer department to take action. Apart from this, the CEO also gave instructions to install direction signs to go from the main roads to the respective sectors and signs for the blocks inside the sector. Instructions have been given to clean up vacant plots in the sectors and impose a penalty on the owner of this plot.

Devendra Tiger Advocate, President of the Rwa Greater Noida Federation, said: “On Monday we had a meeting with the officials of the Greater Noida Authority, we raised several issues with them. We called for community centers, mother dairies, because there are many areas which are very old but still lack these basic equipments. We also require CCTV cameras in crowded intersections on which the Authority has assured that they will do what is necessary. One of the main issues we raised was around the connectivity of the NMRC and DMRC. Because the Greater Noida metro does not go directly to the botanical garden which is once again very problematic ”.

Denesh Bhatti, Lawyer, RWA Member, Delta 3, Greater Noida, “The roads of Greater Noida require immediate action. We have raised issues related to the cleanliness of sectoral roads. Some drains are not covered, so we raised this issue as well. In many areas, trees require pruning. We have raised many other issues of this type and we hope they will be resolved soon ”.

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