CBI conducts research in 16 locations, including the village of Lalu | India News

PATNA: RJD workers gathered outside the 10 Circular Road bungalow of ex-CM Rabri Devi of Bihar and sat on a dharna as news of the CBI search spread. Detectives arrived at 6:30 a.m. and the search lasted 7 hours. Searches were carried out on Friday in 16 localities in Delhi, Patna and Gopalganj to obtain “monetary benefits in the form of transfer of land ownership in the name of the members of his family (of Lalu) instead of the appointment of deputies to the post of the group D to different areas of railway tracks”. Lalu, during which appointments would have been made as Minister of Railways, was not in Patna.
BJP member Sushil Kumar Modi said most of the land deals related to Lalu’s family were done between 2004 and 2008. Then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on how Lalu takes land in return for jobs’ , did he declare.
Sources said CBI officials also visited a gaushala in Danapur in western Patna, the home village of Lalu Phulwaria, the homes of his relatives at Uchkagaon in Gopalganj and bungalows in DelhiNCR linked to his family .
It was alleged that the midshipmen were given jobs in exchange for land when Lalu headed the ministry. The CBI alleged that the job aspirants sold or donated their land in Patna to Lalu’s immediate family, while a family-controlled private company was involved in transferring real estate properties in the name of family members.
“No advertisement or public notice was issued for the appointment of replacements in zonal railways, but appointees who resided in Patna were appointed as replacements in different zonal railways in Mum bai, Kolkata, Jaipur and Hajipur “, said CBI.

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