Better Health and Tend partner to lead innovation in primary healthcare

Better Health Limited and Tend Health, a Kiwi-owned primary healthcare provider and technology company, are partnering to deliver innovative healthcare services across the South Island.

The partnership between Better Health Limited and Tend will encompass 14 medical centers with over 90,000 patients in Christchurch, North Canterbury and the lower South Island. Tend also operates three medical centers in Auckland, including Kingsland, Downtown and Pakuranga.

As part of this integration, Tend will showcase its innovative consumer care, technology and brand model to create an operating model that ensures patients have access to healthcare wherever and whenever they need it. need.

Better Health Limited co-founder and medical director Dr Graham McGeoch says he is delighted to be working with the Tend team.

“Tend was one of many companies interested in partnering with Better Health and this partnership is the right one because the organizations vision, values ​​and long-term thinking align.

“In a challenging healthcare landscape, we believe Tend’s strategy, capabilities and vision for the future stand out. We are excited about the opportunity with Tend to strengthen health equity and improve access to health care in the South Island, especially for people living in rural areas, with disabilities or in underserved communities.

Tend co-CEO Cecilia Robinson says the deal is an important step. “In addition to our world-class app and technology platform, we are building a network of clinics across Aotearoa. Partnering with Better Health is a big step toward our goal of providing Kiwis with seamless, comprehensive health care online or in person, wherever they are.

We are excited about what this partnership means for those who live in the South Island and to help Kiwis become the healthiest people in the world.

Tend is seeing renewed interest from GPs across New Zealand looking for partnership opportunities. Robinson puts this down to not only creating a more modern and convenient patient experience, but also improving the clinical experience.

“Our health personnel are in demand. Tend is bringing a new way of thinking and developing technology alongside clinicians to help reduce administrative burden and better support our doctors and nurses to spend more time interacting with patients, working from home or in the clinic” , says Robinson.

In addition to an extensive network of medical practices across the South Island, Better Health also provides medical practice management and succession planning services – including practice management and administration, payroll and accounting, human resources and recruitment.

David Jones, co-founder and CEO of Better Health Limited, says: “We are a group of like-minded people working in partnership to maintain and grow the best in independent general practice. It is encouraging to know that we are working with another Kiwi-owned company that shares similar values ​​to ours.

“One of our main goals is to help our GPs manage their succession planning. With Tend’s support, we ensure that the GPs who work with us can successfully plan for the future of their practices.

“Tend’s digital capabilities will open many doors, allowing our clinicians and patients to access technology and connect virtually, changing the way they think about healthcare.”

Through this partnership, Tend will become a 50% shareholder of Better Health. The integration of trends will take place in select Better Health Group clinics over time and will be a process managed in partnership with the respective medical practices.

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