A woman lists the most common mistakes people who work in offices tend to make

Like it or not, the “perfect” job simply doesn’t exist. Whether you’re working in a restaurant, a warehouse, or enjoying the view from your sunny 23rd-floor corner office, every career path has many ups and downs. But when it comes to business, the nine-to-five grind certainly holds its challenges. Petty politics, gossip, bootlicking, and sometimes overwhelming stress are just a few of the things employees need to navigate the corporate minefield.

The good news, however, is that there are workers who have made it their mission to make our trip a little easier. Like TikToker Taha_haha_ who recently went viral for creating a series of videos about the struggles of her daily business life. The worker shared the lessons she learned the hard way — so you don’t have to.

Advice on how to use the PTO when it’s time to change jobs, the woman’s advice seems to have resonated deeply with many employees. More than 2.4 million people have watched one of his clips, reminiscing about things they themselves have achieved as they climb the corporate ladder. Read on to find out some of his enlightening insights, as well as the feedback they received on the platform, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Recently, a woman went viral for listing the lessons she learned while working at a company.

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In one of her videos, she also explained when and how to ask for a raise

Image credits: taha_haha_

You can watch his full video, which has gotten over 2.4 million views, right here

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“Being the hardest worker doesn’t get you as far as you think,” Taha_haha_ mentioned in one of her tips, and she’s definitely right. We have long heard of efficient workers being punished with more work instead of being appreciated for their efforts. Going the extra mile to help your business succeed and feeling undervalued is certainly disappointing and has an impact on our well-being. Moreover, pushing yourself to the limit can even affect your mindset and lead to burnout.

As Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., psychologist and creator of MentalDrive, explained in a previous interview, burnout is a condition officially recognized by the World Health Organization as an occupational hazard. He mentioned to bored panda some of the most important symptoms that people in traditional corporate positions often overlook, but need to be on the lookout for:

  • Work-related fatigue
  • Emotional disengagement and/or apathy for work
  • Dissatisfaction with work environment despite any positive change or modification
  • Difficulty concentrating at work, decreased productivity and efficiency, higher frequency of errors
  • A general aversion to the current job without an optimistic view of future changes

When employees experience burnout and stress from overwork, taking time off is crucial. Unfortunately, people often feel guilty for abandoning their plans, fear losing the respect of their peers, and are reluctant to use their power grip. But according to leadership expert Selena Rezvani, every worker needs a PTO to refuel instead of thinking of it as something to use when there’s a huge surplus.

“Research shows that North Americans are the most stressed workers in the world. If you think about it, it’s hard to obsess over results and NOT burn out,” she said. “I tell people that dedication and hard work are things to be proud of, but when we take time off regularly, we have better health, stamina and commitment to work. Not only that, we actually perform better and work harder.

The leadership expert explained that ‘PTO guilt’ is real and there is still a stigma against taking well-earned vacations. “Employers need to stop shaming vacations and pushing people to have ‘perfect attendance’. It’s crazy to me that there are workplaces that give perfect attendance rewards and incentives to those who don’t use their PTO at the end of a period,” she added, noting that it’s not conducive to normal human rhythms to work like a robot.

“As a mature adult who knows their body, don’t demand a person provide justification or a reason to get out! It’s time to normalize the regular use of PTO, because more half of Americans don’t take all their PTO in a year – compared to France where 90% of people take all their PTO.”

Additionally, leaders and management should normalize by encouraging people to walk away completely when taking time off. “It’s important because when Americans take vacations, 41% show up for work while they’re away, and 84% of executives have canceled vacations to work.”

TikTokers appreciated the woman’s advice and shared their own experiences in the comments, here’s what they had to say

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