3 hilltop locations identified for Mankato paddling pool | Local News

This rendering shows the general size and layout of a planned wading pool in the Mankato hilltop area.

MANKATO — City officials have narrowed the locations for a new wading pool to three hilltop Mankato locations and are asking residents to share their preference.

The survey launched on Tuesday is also seeking feedback on some of the squirty features to be included in the much sought after summer play spot.

“Three park locations are possible for a splash pad to be placed within one to five years: Alexander Park, Highland Park and the future Public Works Park,” the city announced.

Alexander Park is between Main and Mulberry streets, just over the hill from Main Street. The wading pool would be along Mulberry, halfway between the softball field and the playground.

Highland Park is located just north of the Minnesota State University campus, and the wading pool would be located north of the park’s playground along Weaver Street.

The future Public Works Park is planned on city-owned land to the south and southeast of the Public Works Center. The park would begin just east of the intersection of Victory Drive and Balcerzak Drive and extend east nearly a third of a mile, also including the vacant land between the Eastwood Manor mobile home park and the residential area of ​​Wadsworth Drive.

Splash skate overhead

The paddling pool proposed by Mankato would be divided into zones targeted at different age groups.

Although the city invites residents to suggest alternative locations for the wading pool, these three parks were deemed particularly attractive because they provide an “equitable location, sufficient space to place a wading pool without affecting the space and ambience of the park. , ample parking, a walkable location for the surrounding neighborhoods and cost-effective installation of utilities.”

Splash pad older kids zone

The part of the water park intended for children over 7 years old would include more important features.

Voters will also be able to vote for up to three features, choosing between splashy options ranging from the HydroHelix and FlashFlood to WaterLimbo and SplashPack Bear.

Information on locations and water features, as well as opportunities to vote, can be found on the city’s public engagement website https://everyvoice.mankatomn.gov/

Renderings of the proposed paddling pool show a water play area divided into three distinct zones for different age groups: “soft activity” (2-4 years old); “Dynamic Zone” (from 7 years old); and “Universal Family Zone” (all ages).

Splash skate area for small children

A planned Mankato wading pool would include an area with features sized for preschoolers.

A year ago, municipal leaders decided to explore the possibility of creating a standalone paddling pool on the east side rather than including it in the upcoming renovation of the municipal swimming pool in Parc de la Tourtellotte. Tourtellotte Park is on the northern edge of Mankato and in the river valley, several miles from where many of the city’s newer neighborhoods are located.

In the early hours of voting on Tuesday afternoon, 10 people preferred Alexander Park, six opted for Highland and others suggested Rasmussen Woods, Erlandson, Thomas, Country Club and Riverfront parks. No one had voted to place the paddling pool in the future park on the grounds of the Public Works Center.

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