🌱 Chill Center Locations + Eminem Opens Mom’s Spaghetti Pop-Up

Happy Sunday, people of Los Angeles, and happy Galentine’s Day! Here’s what’s happening in town today.

If you’re not ready for the heat, head to one of the nearby chill centers. As well, eat like a young Eminem for a day. Finally, there is a temporary flight restriction around SoFi.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Hot. High: 87 Low: 57.

Here are the top five stories in Los Angeles today:

  • the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department foot patrols to be able to dance! (Facebook)
  • There is still time to register LA City Recreation and Parks Camp Counseling Stage and Outdoor Education Internship Classes from March 5 to April 9. Become a camp counselor or perfect your survival techniques! (Instagram)
  • Help our Lincoln Heights Southwest the neighbor finds a gas station (everything except ARCO) on the east side that has a car wash AND vacuum cleaners. (next door)
  • A Nadeau-Compton the neighbor lost his family dog. Her name is Rozy, she is a 4 year old pitbull. Have you seen it? (next door)
  • Topanga Band ‘The songs’ invites others to the 20th World Sound Healing Day on February 14, 2022. (Patch)

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All right, all is well for today. See you soon!

Sylvia Cochran

About Me: Sylvia Cochran has been working in sunny Southern California and writing freelance full-time since 2005. Loves dogs, cats, books, plays Best Fiends (don’t judge), embraces social justice and try to live Micah 6:8.

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