If you are thinking of buying a home loan and are young and healthy, know that you can make significant savings on the cost of your loan by choosing to take out individual loan insurance rather than group insurance offered by the credit institution.

The cost of an individual loan insurance deal with group offers

The cost of an individual loan insurance deal with group offers

Credit insurance rates vary from 0.06% to 0.20% of the capital borrowed, while the rate of a group contract is around 0.40%. The bank will of course try to convince you to opt for its insurance “home”. However, you are advised to ask your banker for an “off-insurance” loan offer to make sure that it does not modify the conditions following your wish to solicit competition and opt for an individual guarantee.

Bank bonds facing the individual loan insurance offer

The bank must provide you with an explanatory note on the borrower insurance and cannot refuse that you subscribe to individual loan insurance outside of its establishment if the guarantees of the individual external insurance contract present a level of a guarantee equivalent to its contract of group.

With individual borrower insurance , you can save up to € 10,000 on your mortgage! Use the credit insurance quote from broker Colonel Brandon to find out how much you can save.

Untie the credit offer and the borrower insurance


Banks and credit institutions will automatically ask you to take out their own policy to protect themselves against the risk of unpaid debts due to death, disability, or loss of employment. As such, we offer offers specifically tailored to the individual needs of borrowers.

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